About overseas shipping (Raiden Shogun)


Sales have been terminated.

Sales period: October 10, 2022, to October 13, 2022

This is an assembly kit that you can “cut” and “assemble” yourself.
We do not sell data through the internet.

It is for advanced users and requires a skill level that allows them to complete other S.V. works.

Product specifications

Finished size 278 mm

4sheets of A4 size (including spare parts for face and hands) x 2 sets
Standard-sized thick paper envelope (within 150g)

The “位置確認. PDO” file for assembly reference can now be downloaded.
The file is not for printing because the data omits image information.

Reference price

Regions where records or inquiries have been received.

DestinationTotal(yen)Printed MatterLettersRegisteredEMSGoods
BRAZILNot available    1,000
CANADA2,080 670410 1,000
CHINAHigh loss risk    1,000
INDONESIA2,900   1,9001,000
PHILIPPINES1,670260 410 1,000
KOREA,REPUBLIC OF1,670260 410 1,000
NETHERLANDS1,740330 410 1,000
NEW ZEALAND1,740330 410 1,000
RUSSIANot available    1,000
TAIWAN1,670260 410 1,000
THAILAND1,670260 410 1,000
UNITED STATES2,080 670410 1,000
VIET NAMHigh loss risk    1,000

Tracking services such as registered mail tracking will be required.

Areas with a high risk of failure to deliver will be marked as  “non-deliverable” and be excluded for the next round, even if the regions are shippable.

For the regions with delivery delays of more than 25 days, the delivery method will be changed to “EMS” in the next round.

How to purchase

Please check “Letter-Post Air” to see if your region is available for shipping.

Please enter only the “country” in the comments section at the bottom.

After confirming shipment availability, we will reply to your registered e-mail address with the store URL and password.

(The password will be changed after October 16, 2022)


No refunds will be made for non-delivery due to incomplete or incorrect address information or intentional damage.

Please contact us if delivery is not received by November 15, 2022.
We will not be able to investigate and refund your money if you do not contact us.

If a problem occurs, the region will be marked as a “non-deliverable” starting the next round, even if it is in a place where shipping is possible.

Redistribution and sale of products or derivatives (copies, data conversion, modifications, finished products, etc.) are prohibited.

We are not responsible for any damage or accident caused by the product.


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